If Not For Michelle’s Spending Habits, Just Think What Obama Would Be Worth


USA Today reports that President Obama could be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million. Whatever it is, it’s definitely enough to put him among the top 1% he loves to rail against.

He is a wealthy man, with assets of as much as $10 million.

He has a hefty stake in JPMorgan Chase, the megabank that just made a bad $2 billion bet. Obama has an account worth between $500,000 and $1 million.

Despite the nation’s $15.6 trillion debt, he is a believer in government paper. More than half of his assets are in Treasury bills and notes.

The disclosure statement lists assets and liabilities in dollar ranges, so pinpointing the president’s net worth is difficult. His assets appear to tally between $2.6 million and $9.9 million. He holds a mortgage on his Chicago home of $500,000 to $1 million.

But just think, what would they be worth if not for Michelle’s spending habits? I know, we the taxpayers foot the bills for their fancy parties and a good portion of their lavish vacations, but imagine what they would be worth if they were frugal! What do those vacation rentals cost them? It’s like they’re running their own personal finances the same way he’s running the country – spend, spend, spend. Ann Romney was hammered by the press for wearing an expensive blouse, when Michelle Obama’s wardrobe appears to be far more expensive, with her collection of $2,500 sweaters and $500 sneakers, not to mention all of the designer gowns. These things add up fast. I’d hate to see their Visa bill. Yikes!

No wonder the president is so angry at rich folks, he’s living with one who refuses to make any sacrifices for the greater good. That’s his kids’ inheritance she’s spending. Who knows, maybe he thinks he can make up for it when he hits the lecture circuit after he’s booted out of office. In the mean time, the president continues to push for more government spending that will make it nearly impossible for our children to ever have a “fair shot” at being anywhere near as wealthy as the Obama’s.

Addendum:  I have no problem with the president being wealthy, or the spending habits of his wife. What I do have a problem with is the class warfare and the hypocrisy of it all. It’s almost as disgusting as what he’s doing to our kids.