Great Video: Occupier Gets Schooled on How the World Works


I love this video. A Russian immigrant who survived the USSR ran into a young Occupier who was willing to listen to common sense and allow himself to be schooled in what American schools fail to teach students. I hope this Russian immigrant lives for a very long time, and continues to spread his message. This video is well worth fifteen minutes of your time. Trust me. Watch this poor duped kid’s eyes at the end. You can almost see the gears turning. He’s just heard things that contradict everything he’s been taught his whole life. Let’s hope he follows up and realizes he’s just a pawn.

The only thing that really disturbs me about this video is how uninformed this young man is. How many more are out there, with no knowledge of history? No wonder we’re in this mess we’re in. But on a more positive note, this isn’t the first time this Russian immigrant has been caught on camera spreading the truth. MRCTV has another video from October, 2011. I love him. God bless this man.

H/T Hot Air

Update: Be sure to see the comments below for the name of the man who schools our uneducated children on the horrors of communism, and other atrocities going on in the world.