Fantastic – First Responders Now Getting Training in Chevy Volt Fires


Isn’t central economic planning just fantastic? It brings us class warfare, crushing debt, high unemployment, obesity, massive regulation, and all sorts of other dreadful things. One of those dreadful things is fire caused by electric vehicle batteries. You see government bureaucrats and liberal politicians want us to drive cars like the Chevy Volt, so they subsidize them with our tax dollars to appease unions and environmentalists, and now we have to train firefighters to deal with the wreckage.

The list of required knowledge for first responders gets longer all the time. Now firefighters are being alerted to potential danger during rescue procedures involving hybrid or electric vehicles…

At a conference of in Las Vegas this weekend, the National Fire Protection Association provided a day of training for trainers — firefighters who will return home to share with their ranks practical knowledge about the cars.

Safely disabling the the batteries tops the list. High-voltage batteries that operate the vehicle systems carry enough juice to kill or severely injure a rescuer who incorrectly cuts a cable. Students also spent time sorting out the varying features on hybrid and electric models, including airbag trigger mechanisms.

Silent movement is another hazard for a rescuer who might believe a motionless car is off. The cars are silent when they’re in battery mode, and can begin to move forward when obstacles blocking their paths are removed. The engine in a hybrid model might unexpectedly kick on when the battery has drained. (Read More)

Another “unintended” consequence?

Do you think the government requires prominent warnings on the dangers of these vehicles, like they do for cigarettes? I’m thinking “Probably not.”

Doug Ross has more.

Image via Political Clown Parade.