Democrat-Controlled Senate Again Fails to Pass a Budget


Senate Democrats are shameless and disgusting. All they do is sit around dreaming up ways to make Republicans look bad. They had another chance to pass a budget, and again they failed.

The Senate voted on five budgets today, at the insistence of Republican senators. The result was revealing: no Senate Democrat voted in favor of any budget. This is consistent, of course, with the fact that the Democrat-led Senate has refused to adopt a budget, in violation of federal law, for the last three years. Still, it is a little shocking to see that not a single Democrat was willing to vote in favor of any budget, even the most irresponsible.

President Obama’s budget fared the worst; it lost, 99-0. This means that the presidents FY 2013 budget has now been rejected by the House and Senate by a combined vote of 513-0. Earlier today, as Paul noted in a post a little while ago, Obama demanded a “serious bipartisan approach” to the nation’s budgetary crisis. Bipartisan? He can’t even get a single Democrat to support his radically irresponsible proposals.

Four different Republican budgets were taken up by the Senate. The House budget (commonly referred to as the Ryan budget) was voted down 41-58. The vote on Pat Toomey’s budget was 42-47; the vote on Rand Paul’s budget was 16-83; and the vote on Mike Lee’s budget was 17-82. The common denominator was that no Democrat had the courage to vote for any of them. (Read More)

Of course, White House mouthpiece Jay Carney blamed it all on “gimmicks,” and Senate Democrats are balking because President Obama’s full budget wasn’t included.

While the Sessions and Mulvaney bills put forward the same topline numbers as those in the president’s budget, neither offered any specifics. The Sessions legislation was 56 pages long; actual budgets are closer to 2,000 pages long.

Thus, a White House official said, the Sessions proposal was a “shell that could be filled with a number of things that could hurt our economy and hurt the middle class,” a White House official said. “For example, rather than ending tax breaks for millionaires his budget could hit the revenue target by raising taxes on the middle class and rather than ending wasteful programs, his budget could hit its spending target with severe cuts to important programs.”

“This is the president’s budget,” said the top Democrat on the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Kent Conrad of South Dakota,  indicating the voluminous budget proposal President Obama offered. “This is what Sen. Sessions has presented as being the president’s budget,” he said,  indicating the much slimmer document.

Well, what was stopping them from putting Obama’s complete budget up for a vote? What are they afraid of? Are they afraid people will notice that Obama’s budget sends the national debt soaring, with absolutely no end in sight? Good grief. Every one of us has to live on a budget. The only way there’s even a chance to get the federal government to have a budget and stick to it is to vote the Democrats out of office, every last rotten one of them.

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