Why Aren’t Lyme Disease Patients Getting the Treatment They Need?


I was unaware of just how serious Lyme Disease is until my friend Zilla was diagnosed with the condition and I started asking her questions and reading her posts on the subject. Unfortunately, the medical community doesn’t have a handle on this disease, even as more and more people are diagnosed with it. The biggest shame of the situation is that politics are standing in the way of people receiving the treatment they need. Worse yet, physicians who dare to give people the treatment they desperately need are ridiculed and some have even lost their licenses.

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Conventional wisdom and countless public service announcements have long asserted that early detection and treatment are vital to minimizing the damage wrought by a myriad diseases and disorders because, it’s true, the longer an illness has to develop undetected and untreated inside a person, the more difficult it is to take care of. This common knowledge is now being disregarded by (surprise) a panel of bureaucrats who now insist that it’s not really that important to screen for things such as cancer and heart disease when they can be effectively treated and before they reach the point where they are likely to become fatal.

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If ObamaCare isn’t overturned by the Supreme Court, or repealed by the next Congress and President, expect it all to get much worse.

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Be sure to read the whole thing. It’s long but this is news people should be aware of.

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