What Part of ‘Spread the Wealth Around’ Did These People Not Understand?


Who can forget when then-candidate Obama met up with Joe the Plumber on the campaign trail and said “We want to spread the wealth around?” Instead of wondering what Obama meant by that statement, the media went on the attack against Joe the Plumber (who is now running for Congress) and moved along. But the story was out there for anyone who cared to know. So today, when I hear that Jon Lovitz and Tony Robbins are coming out against O’s class warfare rhetoric, I just wonder what part of “spread the wealth around” they didn’t understand. Whose wealth did they think he was talking about?

It was big news today after Lovitz went on a profanity laced tirade against the president over his nasty class warfare rhetoric. Maybe Lovitz should apologize to my kids for voting for this big-spending progressive. Same thing goes for Tony Robbins, who voted for Obama, and would probably call my rhetoric “inflammatory.” In all fairness to Robbins, at least he spent the time to produce the video below, based on a blog post by Iowahawk, who he warned his viewers used “inflammatory language.” What’s inflammatory about telling the truth? How does he think our kids are going to feel when they grow up and the national debt is $40 trillion?

Anyway, here’s the video Robbins made, which will hopefully go out to his millions of followers, and be heeded when they head to the polls in November. It really is a good video. I only wish it had been done sooner. Oh wait, it was. Thanks, Bill Whittle.

Via Hot Air