Was American Crossroads Duped By Mining Union Boss Cecil Roberts?


American Crossroads put out the following radio ad featuring United Mine Workers of America union boss Cecil Roberts slamming the Obama administration for their war on coal, and what it will do to the jobs and retirements of so many coal industry workers.

I hope they knew before they ran the ad that Roberts isn’t ready to do anything in opposition to the reelection of President Obama.

But, will Mr. Roberts actually do anything to actively protect the jobs of his union members?


While the United Mine Workers of America likely won’t actively oppose President Obama’s reelection bid, Roberts said the new EPA regulation could prevent the union from endorsing the president.

“That’s something that we have not done yet and may not do because of this very reason. Our people’s jobs are on the line,” Roberts said, adding that Obama has “done a lot of great things for the country.”

So United Mine Workers, why are you paying the dues to pay this man’s salary?

Who knows, maybe American Crossroads knew exactly what they were getting and ran the ad anyway to make an important point. But like I said earlier, private sector union workers get what they pay for.

H/T Conservative Commune