Want a Government Contract? Better Promote ‘Let’s Move’ and Green Initiatives


The Daily Caller reports that the National Park Service has made it clear that companies seeking concessions contracts should just go away if they aren’t promoting Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” and the president’s green initiatives. Only Obamabots need apply.

Proposal documents obtained by The Daily Caller reveal that the National Park Service favors those who promote these Obama White House priorities when deciding which concessioners they will allow to operate businesses on federally owned property.

The documents outline what criteria the National Park Service considered when awarding a concessions contract for operating the Silver Gull Beach Club and Breezy Point Beach Club on federally owned land in New York this summer.

These guidelines tell bidders that the National Park Service is “interested in supporting the goals of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! Initiative.”

“Describe how your proposal supports these goals, including measures that will encourage healthy options for food and beverages and active, exercise-oriented recreation,” reads proposal packages for both locations.

Guidelines for both beach clubs add that bidders with “climate friendly strategies” to “reduce its greenhouse gas emissions” also will be favored. The guidelines state that this is encouraged because the beach clubs are part of the Gateway National Recreation Area which “has developed strategies to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.” (Read More)

Forget things consumers are looking for like price and quality. I’ll bet donations to the Obama 2012 campaign also don’t hurt a vendor’s chances of getting a contract.