Video: New York Times Reporters Fret About Eating Cat Food in Retirement


Apparently, The New York Times is in negotiations with the Writers Guild over retirement benefits for the paper’s writers. The company wants to convert their pensions into 401k plans. The writers created this video in protest. One fretted about eating cat food should his 401k run out before he does. Another is now in his forties and only recently began to think about and plan for his future.

They think they can go somewhere else and get a better deal than they do at the Times. The Other McCain wishes them good luck with that.

Indeed. Perhaps the NYT’s grumbling newsroom proletariat should read about working conditions for young bloggers at the Washington Post.

The days of easy money and “banker’s hours” in the news business are definitely over, and the Writers Guild mentality is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

BigFurHat calls it the “Feel Good Comedy of the Year. ” Heh.

Hey, who knows, maybe they’ll all go on strike;)