Urban Planners Sure Are Digging These High Gas Prices


You’ll never guess who’s digging the high gas prices these days. Okay, so the title gave it away. But I’m sure you aren’t surprised that urban planners would be enjoying the pain we all experience at the pump. Now that gas prices are so high, people are driving fewer miles and riding the bus, just like they’ve always wanted.

Our country’s odometer, adjusted for the size of the driving-age population, has dropped by about 7 percent since it peaked in 2004. Experts say the decline isn’t just due to spiking gas prices — it’s also the result of long-term shifts in our society from the cradle to the retirement home.

The equivalent statistic for New Jersey drivers peaked in 2007 and dipped 5 percent by 2009. Because state data takes longer to produce, 2010 numbers aren’t available yet. At the same time, vehicle registrations in the state declined and the use of mass transit stayed strong.

“I think we’re going through a signature transformation that is quite different from the suburban-dominated lifestyle of the last century,” said James Hughes, dean of Rutgers’ Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. (Read More)

Chris Wysocki summed it up pretty well:

Stack ’em and pack ’em. Makes us easier to control. Because we can only go where the urban planners decide they want us to go. If you’ve got no car, and mass transit doesn’t go there, your destination may as well be on the moon.

This is why Steven Chu and the Obama Administration are leading the charge for higher gas prices while they prevaricate on the need for “green energy.” To an urban planner the car you don’t drive is the best car of all. They’ve been fighting for years against “sprawl” and “congestion” and “McMansions.” And they’re winning.

The people who brought us the housing projects of the 1960s infected academia and now their ideological progeny can’t wait to remake the American dream. Out with the white picket fence, smiling kids, and two-car garage; in with third floor walk-ups, no pets, and a bus stop on the corner.

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