Unions Got What They Paid for When it Comes to Stimulus Jobs


You get what you pay for. That’s what some union workers are finding out the hard way. Their dues dollars helped to fund the election of President Obama and the push for Porkulus. Now they’re getting what they paid for – foreign workers taking the jobs funded by American taxpayers.

In 2010, Obama and Vice President Biden personally appeared to break ground at two Michigan plants. The plants were getting a combined $300 million under the stimulus program to build electric car batteries.

But as it turns out the companies getting all those American tax dollars are largely owned by Koreans. They bought a lot of Korean equipment and supplies. And they filled some of those sought-after jobs with Korean workers. That drew anger from local labor unions. They say pictures, taken inside the plants show Korean nationals doing hands-on work that should be done by Americans.

“I think there’s a lot of anger out there, not to be confused with any sort of prejudice against anyone from another country,” said Mark Mangione, who represents 1,000 labor union members in west Michigan. “This is American taxpayer dollars and there should be American jobs that are created with those American taxpayer dollars.”

The companies, LG Chem and Dow Kokam, wouldn’t agree to interviews. but they told CBS News the Korean workers are temporary and legal and have “unique … expertise (with) highly sophisticated equipment.”

But just how many there are remains a mystery. The companies won’t tell us. Dow Kokam acknowledged 150 on site last December, but won’t give a grand total. (Read More)

Democrats and the union bosses who fund them really don’t care about American workers. Who knows, as I write this the unions are probably scheming to come up with ways to force the foreign workers into the unions to expand their funding and power base.

Public sector union workers may have personal incentives to keep their unions strong, no matter how wrong that may be on an ethical level. The same can’t be said for the private sector. It’s about time the workers wake up and realize who butters their bread. It certainly isn’t the union bosses or their allies in the Democrat Party.