Team Obama: Mitt Romney is the ‘Happy Days’ Candidate


Politico reports that the Obama campaign wants to paint Mitt Romney as Don Draper, a character in the show “Mad Men” that’s set in the 1960s. But they’re saying Mitt Romney as Don Draper will take us back to the 1950s.

The Draperizing of Mitt Romney is under way.

He may not drink or cheat, and he lacks the fictional ad-maker’s charisma, but Democrats, despite the potential perils of such a strategy, remain determined to paint Romney as a throwback to the “Mad Men” era — a hopelessly retro figure who, on policy and in his personal life, is living in the past.

President Barack Obama has noted the presumptive GOP nominee uses archaic turns of phrase such as “marvelous” and warned in an email to donors Thursday that his rival would usher in “a social agenda from the 1950s.”
The president’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, has gone further, quipping that the former Massachusetts governor “must watch ‘Mad Men’ and think it’s the evening news” while jabbing that Romney’s views are out of a time when “bosses could dictate on women’s health.” (Read More)

I wasn’t alive during the 1950s, but most people I’ve talked to that were don’t seem to have bad memories of the decade. For my generation, the 1950s is like the show “Happy Days.” So the Romney camp should really run with this theme. Who doesn’t want Happy Days again? He should make this his theme song.

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