Shocking Report: Obama’s Green Energy Programs Fail to Produce Jobs


Reuters has a new report that may come as a shock to people who actually believe what comes out of the mouths of President Obama and his supporters. For the rest of us, the green jobs failure was predictable. They don’t want you to see reality, just listen to their good intentions. Never mind the billions wasted on Solyndra, Ener1 and the rest of them. Really, they tell us they mean well, so we should give them billions more and expect to have a better result.

Three weeks ago, President Barack Obama stood in front of a sea of gleaming solar panels in Boulder City, Nevada, to celebrate his administration’s efforts to promote “green energy.”

Stretching row upon row into the desert, the Copper Mountain Solar Project not far from Las Vegas provided an impressive backdrop for the president.

Built on public land, the facility is the largest of its kind in the United States. Its 1 million solar panels provide enough energy to power 17,000 homes.

And it employs just 10 people.

Three years after Obama launched a push to build a job-creating “green” economy, the White House can say that more than 1 million drafty homes have been retrofitted to lower heating and cooling costs, while energy generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar has nearly doubled since 2008.

But the millions of “green jobs” Obama promised have been slow to sprout, disappointing many who had hoped that the $90 billion earmarked for clean-energy efforts in the recession-fighting federal stimulus package would ease unemployment – still above 8 percent in March.

Read the whole thing. I’m half expecting Obama to start giving his policies names like “Great Leap Forward,” “New Economic Plan,” and “Five Year Plan.” Chances are, most people wouldn’t even get it.

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