Secret Service Scandal Spreads to US Military


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Secret Service Scandal Spreads to US Military as Well

The investigation into alleged Secret Service misdeeds in Columbia has now spread to include possible US Military involvement. The current count includes 11 Secret Service agents and 5 military personnel that were at the hotel where the president’s advanced security team was staying. The incident reportedly occurred this past Thursday

The AP broke the original story and has also reported on possible military involvement:  Secret Service scandal widens to US military (AP, JULIE PACE & LIBARDO CARDONA)

The Secret Service says it has placed 11 employees on administrative leave for misconduct in Colombia, where they were working on security ahead of President Barack Obama’s trip to the South American country.

The agency’s assistant director says the employees were both special agents and Uniformed Division officers. None were assigned to directly protect Obama himself.

Some experts are calling this the biggest scandal to rock the agency, which is now under the Department of Homeland Security. Eleven agents are now on administrative leave pending the outcome of the official investigation.

Fox News is reporting also, “Secret Service scandal in Columbia widens to include 5 service members

Military officials said Saturday the service members violated curfew and “may have been involved in inappropriate conduct …alleged to have occurred in the same hotel where the recalled U.S. Secret Service agents were staying.

The service members were assigned to Joint Task Force Summit of the Americas in support of the Secret Service.

General Douglas Fraser, commander of USSOUTHCOM, said he is “disappointed by the entire incident and that this behavior is not in keeping with the professional standards expected of members of the United States military.”

While the White House insists that the president’s safety was never compromised, it certainly raises questions about the integrity of the Secret Service and has raised concerns that in a foreign country, there is an increased chance that agents could be put into compromising situations involving potential terrorists.

Today, CNN interviewed an author that alleges that in recent years, the Secret Service has become increasingly lax concerning security matters.

Watch CNN Video: Secret service agents relieved of duty

With additional charges surfacing over US Military involvement, the situation must be thoroughly investigated to ensure that US national security has not been compromised.

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Submitted by: Joseph Hall