Say What? Happiness is Bad for You?


If this is true, today should add a few years to my life. Thanks, nasty liberals, you’re rottenness may have extended my life expentancy by a few days. Heh! How do you like them apples? Harass me all day long, tick me off, and I’ll live to be 110! Boy, that would give me quite a few decades to drive you nuts while I ban you from commenting on my blog.

Apparently, liberals want us all to be as miserable as they are

(Washington Post) The happier you are, the better, right? Not necessarily. Studies show that there is a darker side to feeling good and that the pursuit of happiness can sometimes make you . . . well, less happy. Too much cheerfulness can make you gullibleselfishless successful — and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Happiness does have benefits (beyond feeling good, of course). It can protect us from stroke and from the common cold, makes us more resistant to pain and even prolongs our lives. Yet, June Gruber, a professor of psychology at Yale University who has studied happiness, warns that it’s important to experience positive moods in moderation.

So, start being more a sad sack, like liberals!

She compares happiness to food: Although necessary and beneficial, too much food can cause problems; likewise, happiness can lead to bad outcomes. “Research indicates that very high levels of positive feelings predict risk-taking behaviors, excess alcohol and drug consumption, binge eating, and may lead us to neglect threats,” she says.

No need to come up with a drug for that, just become a liberal!

Read the whole thing. I have to stop, or I could become so happy that I reduce my life expectancy. We wouldn’t want that, now, would we?