Red State Oklahoma Denied Request for Disaster Declaration


This is interesting. The red state of Oklahoma requested a federal disaster declaration after the tornadoes ravaged parts of the state and killed half a dozen people. Request denied. I wonder why.

Gov. Mary Fallin’s office says her request has been denied for federal assistance to individuals and businesses affected by a tornado that killed six in Woodward.

A news release on Friday said that Fallin will now ask the U.S. Small Business Administration for a disaster declaration for Woodward County.

The Sunday morning tornado left three girls 10 and younger and three men dead. (Read More)

Here’s the video report. Eleven other states have received federal assistance for disasters, but not Oklahoma. Can you imagine the outcry if a Republican administration denied assistance to a blue state? This is another example of why we need to shrink the federal government. Let the states keep the money and then provide assistance as needed. Why does the federal government decide who is worthy of disaster relief?