Quick Hits – Holy Weekend Edition


I missed a few important stories while preparing for Easter that I didn’t want you to miss.

Recently emails regarding Operation Fast and Furious between an Arizona ATF agent and a White House staffer were discovered and the House committee wants to question the former staffer. (He is now with the State Department.) It turns out that the Obama administration refuses to allow the staffer to testify. Read about it at Maggie’s Notebook.

Also at Maggie’s Notebook, is the scoop on how the left is going after the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – a sort of think-tank made up of legislators and corporations to shape public policy. Some of ALEC’s members like Coca Cola and Kraft foods have severed ties with the group because of boycott threats from leftist groups associated, funded, and/or run by people like Van Jones, John Podesta and George Soros. The problem? ALEC has worked to do away with voter fraud. It’s just more of the same tricks we’ve come to expect from the left.

Speaking of more of the same, the Obama administration doesn’t believe it’s wasted enough taxpayer money on green companies, so the DOE is preparing for yet another round of green energy loans. You know, because they’re really happy about the 75,000 jobs they supposedly created with the last $9 billion.

In case you missed it, Rick Santorum’s daughter Bella was hospitalized over the weekend. His campaign released a statement saying his public events for Monday have been cancelled so he can spend time with her in the hospital. Be sure to keep Bella and the Santorum family in your prayers.

I wish all of my Christian friends out there a very happy and blessed Easter, and a happy Passover to my Jewish friends. Enjoy!

Update: Conservative Hideout linked – thanks!