Obama’s Plan for Zoning Oceans and Inland Waterways is Still Ongoing


I’ve mentioned how President Obama plans to take over the waterways before. In March of 2010 people were talking about the impact it would have on fishing. Last month it was mentioned in a post about Obama’s hidden taxes – billions in fees for navigation of commercial waterways. But it’s one of those things that’s flown under the radar for the most part. Well, that doesn’t mean the folks in the Obama administration haven’t been working diligently to implement his plan.

The effects of Obama’s far-reaching policy would be felt by numerous industries including wind farms and other renewable energy undertakings, ports, shipping vessels, and other marine commerce, and upstream it would also affect mining, timber, even farming.

It will impact consumers directly through rules addressing recreational uses such as fishing and boating, and restricting the multiple use development of the ocean’s resources would also increase the cost of fuel and food, lawmakers say.

The idea to create a policy to oversee multiple uses of the ocean originated during the Bush administration, but after push back from within the ranks, including Vitter, the idea was dropped.

Critics of this revised plan say it is more narrowly focused, and that the Obama administration is taking their marching orders from environmental groups who want to move away from a multiple-use ocean policy to a no-use policy.

“If you look at the catalyst for the entire initiative, it comes from the playbook of environmental groups that think the ocean ought to be controlled by the federal government,” Flores said.

Added Vitter: “This (Obama) administration is more aggressive and left-leaning, and they are going whole hog. I think it’s clearly a threat, and in terms of negatively impacting jobs, it’s a very, very big threat.”

Read the whole thing. It’s a little long, but it’s really something that isn’t getting enough attention.

H/T Gateway Pundit