Obama’s Burden


President Obama told Rolling Stone magazine that his burden will be explaining to the American people how his policies are really helping us. That’s some burden.

Now, the burden on me is going to be to describe for the American people how the progress we’ve made over the past three years, if sustained, will actually lead to the kind of economic security that they’re looking for.

Good grief. Let’s hope his progress isn’t sustained.

I only read the first page. The Weekly Standard picked up on his attacks on Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist, and how he thinks Jon Stewart is brilliant. Oh, and he’s also a big fan of Paul Krugman. (Yes, that would be the same Paul Krugman that heaped praise on the way they get things done in Communist China.)

Speaking of Obama, he’s just not that into you, America.

Update: I’ve had this link open all day, what better place to include the following quote?

The entire “progressive” edifice is a Potemkin village, a Hollywood set, that looks formidable from the exterior. But in reality, there’s no there there, except the liberal fascists’ standard naked will to power by any means necessary. Because their tactics are always the same (smear, bully, intimidate, whine, and complain), they’re something of a humorless bore, really, although a dangerous humorless bore — a fanatic constantly in search of force majeure. Team Romney must simply and forcefully reject the premises of their argument — Democrats good, Republicans bad — and refuse to play by their MSM-enforced rules.

He’s going to need to convince a lot of people to believe in his Potemkin village to win. Expect more toe jam.

Read the whole thing. H/T to The Other McCain