Obama Defends ‘Investments, Not Some Socialist Dream’


President Obama took a little time away from fundraising to do some straight up campaigning. He’s still pushing for the Buffett Rule, even though everyone agrees it won’t do anything to reduce the deficit or national debt. It’s now all about fairness, or something. He thinks it’s fair to take more and more from one group, while asking other groups to contribute nothing. He refers to his policies of out-of-control spending as “investments” and by golly, stop calling it socialism!

These investments…. This is not some socialist dream!

Here’s the clip, if you can stand it. He starts out with all sorts of scenarios of doom and gloom (many of which people are enduring thanks to this rotten economy of his) and makes the case that we’re all too stupid and inept to plan for life’s ups and downs and need to rely on a beneficent government to protect us.

How long will a government that’s nearly $16 trillion and counting in debt be able to take care of anyone? Maybe he should spend his time berating Warren Buffett for being a tax scofflaw, instead of demonizing everyone else.

Update: While Obama was on his way to Florida for today’s campaign event White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked why the president doesn’t put his money where his mouth is and pony up a little more in taxes every year. Of course, Carney dismissed the notion as nothing more than a gimmick because American Crossroads proposed it in a petition. Maybe if enough of us sign the petition, the White House will see it differently.