Obama Campaign Stiffed Vermont Police for Protection During Fundraisers


Police officers in South Burlington, Vermont worked overtime to provide security during two of President Obama’s fundraisers. The campaign should have reimbursed them for the extra cost of providing protection since he wasn’t there on official business. But it looks like the campaign is stiffing the taxpayers and leaving them stuck with the bill.

Trevor Whipple, the police chief in South Burlington, told Fox News that his department incurred $4,200 in overtime expenses as a result of separate fundraising events featuring President Obama and the First Lady.

“At the end of the day, I’ve submitted an invoice and they haven’t paid,” Whipple told Fox News. “It was an additional burden on our taxpayers, on our budget and we simply wanted to ask that they reimburse us.”

Whipple said the overtime was even more significant because of First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit. He said his department was not given advance notice.

And for a town of 17,000 people, he said it’s a good bit of money.

“It’s not going to break the bank, but clearly those are tax dollars that were not approved with the expectation they would be used provide security for a fund-raising event,” he said.

The police chief in the city of Burlington has also submitted a similar request to the Obama campaign – asking to be reimbursed for several thousand dollars.

“Here we are in April and we still have this outstanding debt of approximately $2,100,” Burlington police chief Andi Higbee told television station WCAX. (Read More)

The guy who heads the Democrat Party in Vermont said the taxpayers should be happy to pay for Obama’s campaigning. Happy or not, they’re stuck with it. Maybe a little Kool Aid will help.

Via Fox Nation

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