NYC Officials Mull Banning Happy Hour


The nannies in New York City are at it again. The New York Post reported that they are now mulling the idea of banning happy hour. It’s not even a drunk driving issue, that wasn’t even mentioned. It’s all about protecting people from themselves.

Happy hour in the city could end if Department of Health policy party-poopers go ahead with a proposal to outlaw beer and booze specials at bars and restaurants, sources told The Post.

“It’s absolutely been discussed,” confirmed a department source. “It goes to show you the spirit with which they operate. Everyone is a child.”

High-level conversations have gone beyond merely “throwing pencils on the ceiling and seeing what sticks,” another Health source revealed.

Sources said the happy-hour ban is being pushed by the agency’s marathon-running boss, Commissioner Thomas Farley, and is serious enough for one source to say the alcohol lobby had better find itself a good lawyer.

Agency spokesman Sam Miller denied existing “plans to pursue any policy around discount-alcohol sale.”

But sources said the anti-booze sentiment at the agency has reached a fever pitch, with officials recently asking state officials about the “legality of liquor in ice cream,” referring to potent products infused with bourbon, rum and tequila.

A prohibition on discounted drinks is solidly in line with Farley’s goals, which he outlined in his “Take Care New York 2012” report. (Read More)

Reading the article leads me to believe that they’re pretty intent on passing this ban and the only issue is how to do so without angering too many people.