Now that it’s an Election Year, Obama’s All for Women Golfing


It looks like President Obama could use an Etch a Sketch to erase his former aversion to golfing with women. He decided to insert himself into the debate over whether or not Augusta should allow women to golf there. He’s all for it. But it’s unclear whether if he golfs there he’ll invite any women to join him.

Obama played 23 rounds of golf between January and October of 2009 before inviting a single woman to his foursome, the New York Timesreported. This was emblematic of broader concerns over the president’s preference for the company and advice of men:

The technical foul over the all-male game has become a nagging concern for a White House that has battled an impression dating to the presidential campaign that Mr. Obama’s closest advisers form a boys’ club and that he is too frequently in the company of only men — not just when playing sports, but also when making big decisions.

“Women are Obama’s base, and they don’t seem to have enough people who look like the base inside of their own inner circle,” former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers told the Times. (Read More)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all move beyond identity politics?