No Neo-Nazis Are Patrolling Sanford, FL


I first saw the Drudge headline about armed neo-Nazis patrolling the streets of Sanford, FL yesterday but was too busy to look into it. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time. The link went to the New York Daily News, which got the story from the Miami New Times. Nobody bothered to do any fact-checking and just ran with the story.

Prof. William Jacobson, who blogs at Legal Insurrection, contacted the Sanford Police Department who denied any knowledge or reports of neo-Nazis on patrol. Both news outlets eventually corrected their articles, but not until after Jacobson informed them of the Sanford PD denials. Unfortunately, as of 7:35 PM ET the Drudge headline remains. LI has the screen capture.

In all fairness to Drudge, it is a holiday weekend and perhaps it is just an oversight. Let’s hope he didn’t purposely leave that inflammatory headline up there all weekend. The situation is bad enough without adding fuel to the fire, especially when people associate neo-Nazi with conservative, as opposed to socialist – which is what Nazis are.

Via NewsBusters

Update: It’s now 9:00 PM ET and I see that the Drudge headline has been removed, or at least it’s no longer at the top of the page.

Update: See comments below. The headline just before midnight was moved to the right column of the page.