Long Hot Summer: EPA Regulations Lead to 400 Per Cent Freon Price Hike


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Long Hot Summer: EPA Regulations Lead to 400 Per Cent Freon Price Hike

With a warmer than normal winter, the odds of a warmer summer are likely, and with that a huge price increase for Freon. The EPA’s crusade against global warming has resulted in a major blow for consumers.

In some parts of the country, the price increase for the new environmentally-friendly, EPA-approved Freon is 300 to 400 percent higher since the first of the year; therefore, air-conditioning and refrigeration repairs  and service calls will be quite expensive.

National Review Online is reporting, “Thanks EPA! Price of Freon Set to Skyrocket” (Greg Pollowitz)

“What it means is they have tripled to quadrupled their price on Freon for a service call,” said Tom Karol, a service technician at Don’s Air Conditioning in Jacksonville. “That’s a hell of an expense.”

The jump in Freon costs is the result of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency directive implemented this year. The EPA is phasing out production of the old Freon, known as R-22. That’s because the coolant contained hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which are the gases believed to be eroding the earth’s ozone layer. Instead, the EPA is requiring air conditioning manufacturers to use Freon R-410A, which is a cleaner gas.

That means the price of the old type of Freon has jumped from about $40 per pound to about $90 per pound. A refill of Freon in an air conditioning unit usually takes about 5 to 10 pounds of the gas.

This law is another economic bombshell for consumers, business owners, and the job market. Small business owners in the air-conditioning business are already considering the best way to manage costs and some are enacting lay-offs to help offset skyrocketing business costs.

Obama needs to hear from consumers about how his regulations destroy the economy. One way is to vote in November.

Submitted by: Joseph Hall