Lame Media Parrots ‘Obama is Cool’ Meme


Have you noticed lately how the media has been focused on President Obama’s coolness? It’s almost like they got a memo one day telling them to start parroting the talking point. Oh wait, in a way they did! IBD picked up on it:

In early February, Politico reported that the Obama campaign, hoping to rekindle enthusiasm among young voters, was “looking to revive the cool appeal.” Then, suddenly, news stories started popping up about Obama’s alleged coolness, in contrast to that drip Romney. A sampling:

• President Obama: The cool factor

• ‘Cool’ Obama Returns GOP Fire on Gas Prices

• Obama: The new King of Cool

• Barack Obama is cool. Mitt Romney is not. What does it mean for 2012?

• Campaigning for the ‘Cool’ Vote

• The Obama-Romney ‘Cool Gap’ (Read More)

Weasel Zippers added the links to the fawning headlines, in case you want to check them out.