Juvenile Tricks From Our Friends on the Left – Updated


The uncivil progressives aren’t satisfied with simply leaving negative comments on this site. Now they’ve taken my email address and signed me up for all sorts of interesting reading. Most children aren’t this petty and immature.


Sex Toys Buzz

Atheism Rising

Atheists United

Richard Dawkins

Atheist Revolution


I received emails from all of the above this morning asking me to confirm my subscription. The MoveOn email thanked me for signing some petition. Maybe I’ll just do like Zilla does and ban them. What do you think?

Update: The spam emails were flowing in all day. Some were supposedly sent to me from myself, others from Zilla, even though I know it wasn’t her. I was signed up for the feed from another blogger in a certain contest, and all sorts of other garbage. This is how these people operate. Short of making this a site you’d have to login to, there isn’t much to stop these people.

Update: (Thursday April 5) I continue to receive emails thanking me for signing petitions for things I do not support. The spam emails have slowed down, but they’re still coming in. I have no idea if I’m still being impersonated in comment sections of other blogs, unless someone spots one and tells me about it I have no way of tracking that down. Several people have commented on this blog in the last few days with things like “Burn in hell, “c**t.” Of course, these evil cowards used a service to hide their IP addresses.Zilla has been experiencing the same ugliness, to the detriment of her health. Pete DaTechGuy, Donald Douglas and An ExCon’s View have also linked and weighed in on the “tolerant” left.

Update: The Daley Gator linked – thanks.

Update: Conservative Commune linked – thanks.