Joe Biden Tells Baby She’ll Pay for Romney’s Tax Cuts


Crazy Uncle Joe Biden appeared at a campaign event in New Hampshire today and told a baby, who apparently had been crying, that if Mitt Romney is elected she’ll end up paying for tax cuts for the 1%. He didn’t mention that the national debt has risen under Obama more than at any time in history, and the administration has absolutely no plan for bringing it under control. As I write this the national debt is now $15,648,703,401,000.00 and going up by the second. That baby is going to pay, alright.

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On a more positive note, the Romney campaign was there in New Hampshire to respond to Crazy Uncle Joe and his allegations.

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Addendum: Biden also said Republicans don’t believe in American values. I guess they’re finished with those calls for civility.

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Team Obama has nothing to run on, so this is what we can expect from now until November.

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