Guest Post by Mike Jones: The Life and Times of Sour Milk


Editors note: What’s more difficult for a gay man in America – coming out as a homosexual or coming out as a conservative? Mike Jones is about to find out.



I received the lifetime achievement award from the Harvey Milk Club.  I was presented a Certificate of Recognition by the California State Senate for improving the lives of others.    The Columbia Journal Review in 2006 reported that Karl Rove stated there were four reasons why the Democrats won that year and my story was one of them.

I am Mike Jones, the man who exposed the hypocrisy of Pastor Ted Haggard.

I have been spit on, had water bottles and objects thrown at me and been verbally assaulted in public.  Not counting the death threats.  When I tell others about these events, the immediate response is, “oh those evangelicals”.  I tell them that these were perpetrated by people in the gay community.  It is followed by silence and disbelief.

Let me start by saying that I was involved in Democratic politics since my early teens.  It was locally inDenver.  My first national involvement was with the McGovern for President Campaign.  I have been aware of my homosexuality all my life and was involved with gay rights since 1980.  I started attending gay pride events when only a couple of thousand attended.  I marched, protested, did candlelight vigils and shed many tears.  I lost well over 100 friends because of AIDS.

I was a flaming Liberal.  Period!  I was angry, rebellious, a gay activist and wanted to challenge the establishment.  The gay community is entrenched in the liberal movement and I was part of it.   When you are a liberal there is only one side to an issue and it is usually emotional.

Since the scandal, I have done a lot of soul searching and opened my mind.  I understand there is more than one side to an issue.  I have learned to think for myself.

I am now a Conservative.   Not Republican or Democrat but conservative.

One of the major deceptions that the gay community wants you to believe is that we are all as one.  Here’s the fact, the gay community is one of the most intolerant group of people I have ever been involved with.  If you disagree with any of their positions, you are a homophobe or just a hateful person.   I was influenced into believing that any Republican, conservative, or anyone religious was evil and bad.

Even if gay marriage is approved at the federal level, you would still have gay bath houses and gay pride parades.  Hateful rhetoric would continue towards anyone who does not embrace homosexuality.

Having said that, as a conservative and advocate for smaller government, gay marriage should not be a federal government issue and not in the hands of Congress.

For many gay activists gay marriage is the only issue even though many will never get or want to be married.  Ironically President Obama has not verbally endorsed gay marriage but that is ok because he is a Democrat.  But if he was a Republican he would be called every name in the book.     Never mind about the trillions in debt.  Never mind that we are becoming an entitlement society.  Never mind about the hateful speeches by Jeremiah Wright.    Never mind about gas prices.  Never mind about the illegal immigration problem with open boarders.  Never mind that NBC tampered with evidence.  Never mind that President Obama has spent millions to suppress his college and passport records.  What is he hiding?   Never mind that radical Islamics would not only like to destroy theUnited Statesbut would not hesitate to murder gay people.

Most people particularly the younger generation do not care if you are gay.  That is good, but many in the gay community condemn this country because of gay marriage.  I am an American first.  My country and its survival come first and foremost and the rest will follow in time.

For those who are angry with this posting and wish to call me names, it might be a waste of time as I have been called a whore, prostitute, hooker, the devil, Satan, drug dealer, meth head, escort, scumbag and traitor – all done through the media.   I have admitted to all my sins and I have feet of clay.   I now work with seniors and Alzheimer’s patients.

For those of you, who are of the mentality of socialism, be careful what you wish for.  It may come back to bite you.

God BlessAmerica

Mike Jones

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