Germany Introduces a Tax on the Young


Germany has introduced a tax on the young. I almost wish this would happen in the United States to demonstrate to young Americans exactly what the politicians are doing to them. Instead we get more calls for taxing “the rich,” but there aren’t enough rich people to cover all of the promises the government is making. But it’s the kids who will be stuck footing the bill for all of these promises. May as well let them know where they stand.

GERMANY is proposing to levy extra taxes on the young to pay for the costs of the country’s growing numbers of old people, under government plans for a ”demographic reserve” levy.

Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats have drafted proposals that, if law, would require all those over 25 to pay a proportion of their income to cushion Germany against a looming population crisis.

The German Chancellor’s ruling party is seeking extra sources of revenue to pay for soaring pensions and bills for social care costs as Germany’s ”baby boomer” generation ages amid a decline in the birth rate. (Read More)

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