Federal Workers Got Bonuses for Planning Expensive GSA Vegas Conference


This is yesterday’s news, but in case you missed it, the employees who planned the lavish GSA conference in Las Vegas in 2010 received bonuses courtesy of you and me. So not only did the taxpayers pick up the tab for the conference which cost nearly a million dollars, and pay the workers for goofing off during work hours, we also paid them bonuses! Will Obama blame that on Bush, too? Good grief.

Awarding bonuses for wasting taxpayer dollars?

That appears to be incentive offered by the federal agency under fire for spending lavishly on a 2010 conference held near Las Vegas. The latest details from an inspector general report on the conference reveal 50 employees were given cash awards of $500 and $1,000 for their work arranging the now-infamous conference.

“It would also appear that a number of GSA bureaucrats who helped arrange the Las Vegas junket were handed cash bonuses for their work in wasting the better part of a million dollars,” Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., said Tuesday.

Rep. Mica also revealed Tuesday that one high-ranking official spent an extra night in Vegas at taxpayer expense, even though the conference was already over.

Calling the new revelation the “icing on the cake,” Mica said the official paid only $93 for a fourth night at the Vegas suite, which costs more than $1,000 a night.

The rest of the cost of the room “was apparently charged to the taxpayer” he said in a statement. (Read More)

Who spends $1000 per night on hotel rooms? These GSA employees were living like the 1% on our dime.

Follow the links and watch the video. It’s even worse when you see it.