DOJ Answered Freedom of Information Request with Blank Pages


Are the Obama people still claiming to be the most transparent administration ever? If so, do they say it with a straight face? If they do, they deserve Oscars. The latest in the transparency chronicles involves a Freedom of Information Act request sent by CBS News to the Department of Justice for information on Operation Fast and Furious. What did they receive in response? A bunch of blank pages.

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For more than a year, CBS News has been investigating the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms’ “Fast and Furious” operation and related cases that also employed the controversial tactic of “gunwalking.”

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With Justice Department officials refusing all interview requests to date, CBS News requested numerous public documents through the Freedom of Information Act.

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So far, all of the requests that have been answered have been denied in part or in full.

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This week, we received a partial response to a request made more than a year ago. It asked for communications involving “Project Gunrunner,” the umbrella program for Fast and Furious, from 2010 through April 2011.

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Specifically, it sought any communications to which any of the following top Justice officials were a party:

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Attorney General Eric Holder; Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division; Kevin Carwile, chief of the Capital Case Unit; and Deputy Assistant Attorney Generals Bruce Schwarz and Kenneth Blanco.

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The response includes mostly-blank pages. (Read More)

Via Fox Nation

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