Biden: Our Energy Policy the Best its Ever Been!


Yesterday I paid $4.10 per gallon of regular unleaded, but hey, that’s okay. Just ask Vice President Joe Biden. He says the administration’s energy policy is the “best its ever been.” Seriously, he did.

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REPORTER: Gas prices are above $4 a gallon. You were asked this question and you gave an answer, but there’s a new commercial out that says, “Since Obama has become president, prices have nearly doubled.” Four years in, should you all have a better energy policy in America?

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VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I think our energy policy’s the best it’s ever been. We’re importing less foreign oil than we have any time in 16 years; we are pumping more gas and oil than any time in the last eight years; we’re in a situation where there’s more rigs going in America than all the rest of the world combined; we have doubled the mileage of automobiles.

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What the heck is he even talking about? Has your gas mileage doubled? Forcing us into itty-bitty unsafe cars doesn’t count.

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Drilling on federal land is down since Obama took over, and this is the same administration that was held in contempt of court over their drilling moratorium. Sheesh.

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Washington Free Beacon has more, including video.

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Via Fox Nation

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Update: Oh dear, yesterday Biden was asked about rising gas prices and took a full 11 minutes to not answer the question. Check out the video at Texas GOP Vote and be sure to scroll down the page for highlights of this great energy plan of theirs.