Banning Trolls and Civility in the Comments


I just banned Liberalmann from posting any more comments. “You are a f*cking liar” is not dialogue and I’m just sick of it. To the guy who tells me I’m bringing harassment upon myself, say it again and you will be banned. I have your IP address, and your email, if it’s real. Do you think I would go out there and impersonate and harass you with it? No I would not, even though you hurl insults at me day after day.

To the guy who accuses me of advocating gunning people down – do it again and I’ll ban you, too. I have never advocated any sort of thing.

To those on our side who do advocate violence, please stop. You’re making it worse. We all have the right to defend ourselves, we all agree on that. Leave it at that, please. I really do hate banning people from posting their thoughts here, but it’s getting completely out of hand.

The other side is terribly uncivil. Let’s not become like them.

Thank you. I will now try to get back to blogging.

Update: Richard from Texas is the one who told me I brought harassment upon myself. I was even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and sent him an email letting him know I was in no mood for his BS. He left another insulting comment so I banned him, too. Anyone else care to get banned? Now’s your chance. I’m really looking forward to it.