Asleep at the Switch: The Obama Administration’s Default Leadership and the Looming UN


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Asleep at the Switch: The Obama Administration’s Default Leadership and the Looming UN

President Obama, over the past three years, has concentrated about one-third of his time on campaigning and thereby demonstrated a consistent lack of leadership. As a result, the United Nations has increasingly assumed responsibility of key areas of national politics, especially in the areas of global warming policy, voter ID laws, and human rights.

In 2011, Obama professed his profound lack of motivation to lead. He admitted that campaigning is interesting while the task of leadership is not as interesting. He further disclosed he is lazy.

Last December, in a nationally televised interview with Barbara Walters, he let the nation know of his problem with this topic.

See: “President Obama Admits To Barbara Walters: Deep Down ‘There’s A Laziness In Me,’

 A few bits and pieces from the interview have surfaced (Barack apparently has no “peeves” about Michelle. Awwww!), but Politico is now reporting on what is probably the most   interesting moment: Obama admitting that he has an ingrained Hawaiian “laziness” to him.

It’s interesting because we can only imagine that he said this while affixing a giant bullseye to his back and carrying a sign which reads “Conservatives, have at ‘em!!!”

Conservatives have frequently questioned Obama’s work ethic; meanwhile, the liberal media consistently gives the president a pass on his job performance!

This clear deficiency in leadership has consistently led the UN to assert itself into the affairs of the US in a number of serious situations. Most recently, the UN is calling for an immediate investigation into possible human rights violations in the Trayvon Martin case.

Obama has been significantly absent in this situation and the Department of Justice is busily looking elsewhere for public safety issues.

Today, “UN Human Rights Chief Calls For Trayvon Investigation” (, William Bigelow)

 UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay has called for an “immediate investigation” into the death of Trayvon Martin.

Leaving aside the matter of the despicable record of the UN on human rights, what kind of  record does Pillay herself have on human rights, and does she have any moral leg to stand on when interfering in the domestic affairs of the United States?  According to Freedom House, between September 2008, when she became the Human Rights Chief, and June 2010, Pillay made no comment whatsoever on the victims in 34 countries rated “Not Free.”  Some of the countries not criticized were: Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Belarus, Cuba, North Korea, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Vietnam.

Leadership in any national crisis is evidenced in how the president and cabinet respond to issues that threaten the safety of the citizens of the US. His inability to garner control over his lapdog media proponents and the DOJ in this deeply dividing debate shows that there is no strength in leadership. Additionally, the DOJ has seemingly allowed calls for public violence by the New Black Panther Party to go unchallenged in the national arena. Perhaps it is time for the president to restore sanity in this racially divisive event.

Additionally, the NAACP has taken their cues from Attorney General Eric Holder in his attacks on states like South Carolina and Texas over the constitutional requirement for photo ID voter laws. Holder chooses to ignore that the Supreme Court ruled affirmatively in 2005 to uphold photo ID voter laws in Indiana, and continues to push an apparent voter fraud agenda in these southern states. So last month, the NAACP took their unconstitutional appeal to the UN for resolution.

See: “U.N. to Investigate U.S. Voter I.D. Laws,” (PowerLine Blog, John Hinderaker)

So this is the best the NAACP can do: Kemba Smith Pradia lives in the Midwest and has a  criminal conviction on her record. Can she vote? Yes, because the state where she lives either doesn’t bar felons from voting, or doesn’t have a voter ID law, so she can vote fraudulently. But    she worries that if she should move to Virginia, she will have to present identification. In that event, if Virginia law doesn’t allow felons to vote, she won’t be able to get away with breaking the law! Is that a human rights violation, or what?

If the president cannot lead in such cases, maybe he should suspend his campaign for reelection and join a cruise ship company as partier-in-chief, a job he seems quite suited for!

Furthermore, Obama has failed to lead the country in the fictitious, UN-led climate change issue. In January, the UN imposed an unlawful tax on the US to sponsor global warming education programs in China, to teach alternative energy ideas to their population. Obama has consistently promoted the UN demands for US taxpayer dollars to be spent on UN approved agenda.

See: “Obama to Work with UN to Impose Climate Tax on Americans?” (Lonely Conservative)

Wouldn’t it be nice if the folks we sent to negotiate with the United Nations had the interests of the American people at heart? But no, President Obama is more interested in appeasing the rest of the world and his environmentalist friends at our expense.  Rumor has it he’s planning to do a little more than bow before the UN when it comes to a global climate fund.

It’s time for the president to lead or step aside for another more qualified person to support and defend the US Constitution and the citizens of America. The UN offers Amreicans the worst possible solution in every case.

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Submitted by: Joseph Hall

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