Ashely Judd Shocked at the Way Left Wing Media Outlets Treat Women


Stacy McCain doesn’t have much sympathy for Ashley Judd who has made a pretty nice living in large part due to her good looks, and is now complaining about people mocking her weight gain. I’m not too worried about Ashley, no doubt she can afford a trainer and a cook and will get back into shape in no time. What I found interesting is the people who are mocking her.

The following examples are real, and come  from a variety of (so-called!) legitimate news outlets (such as HuffPo,  MSNBC, etc.), tabloid press, and social media . . .

HuffPo and MSNBC engaging in misogynistic degradation of women?! That’s the tolerant left, for you. Just imagine the way they’d treat her if she was a conservative woman.

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