Whose War on Women?


The Democrats and some of their allies in the media would have you believe that the Republicans are waging some sort of war on women. They may come to regret going there. The RNC released this video reminding voters of the Obama administration’s track record when it comes to women.

Ouch! Like I said, they may be wishing they didn’t go there. Even if you take out the nasty language liberals use when talking about conservative women, (like Bristol Palin, who’s still waiting for that phone call from President Obama) they still have a major problem with women. They want to limit cancer screenings for women, and the men we love. As Betsy McCaughey pointed out, why on earth would women want bureaucrats determining what their health insurance covers?

Currently, the federal government does not interfere in how doctors treat privately insured patients. Under the Obama health law, the government will standardize medical care, affecting you even if you are in a private health plan you paid for yourself.

Sec. 1311 (h) (1) says private insurers can pay only doctors and hospitals that follow whatever federal regulations the secretary imposes in the name of health quality. Obamacare gives the secretary breathtaking power to standardize medical practice. It could mean dictating when your orthopedist recommends a hip replacement or your cardiologist prescribes a cholesterol-reducing drug.

Your doctor will record your treatments in an electronic database, and your doctors’ decisions will be overseen for compliance with federal guidelines.

Read the whole thing. If you have an abortion, the report will be available to your podiatrist or your dermatologist once all of your medical records are online. And if you’re a woman on Medicare, just wait until ObamaCare’s cuts to the program kick in. Paul Ryan’s plan – which was excoriated by the Democrats – will be looking pretty good at that time.

But hey, if you want to believe it’s guys like Steve J who are waging a war on women, that’s your choice.

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