WaPo Partnering Up with Beijing to Keep an Eye on China


The Washington Post isn’t much better than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. So it isn’t much of a surprise that they’re partnering up with the Chinese government to publish “China Watch,” a ChiCom propaganda publication disguised as news. The Washington Free Beacon has the sordid details.

An advertising partnership between the Washington Post and a Chinese government propaganda outlet is raising questions about the propriety—and legality—of an American news outlet publishing foreign propaganda under its masthead.

At issue is the Post’s China Watch publication, a print and online advertising supplement that purports to deliver the news about China. The site hosts numerousarticles and feature pieces that portray the Chinese government—particularly its human rights record—in a glowing light.

Some journalism experts and China observers say the partnership crosses ethical boundaries and misleads unassuming readers about the Chinese government’s lackluster record on a host of important issues.

The China Watch website, which features the Washington Post’s official masthead, looks like many other online news sites, containing videos, articles, and slideshows. However, a small block of text in the website’s right-hand corner offers a disclaimer: “A Paid Supplement to The Washington Post.”

Journalism experts believe that the Post should explain to readers the precise nature of its relationship with China. (Read More)

Just imagine if the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, or any other conservative or libertarian group from the US tried to make a similar deal with The Washington Post. They’d be laughed out of the room.

It’s a shame that rather than investigate the human rights abuses going in in places like China, a major American news outlet is now teaming up with the oppressors.