Video: Obama Compares Himself to Ghandi and Nelson Mandela


President Obama spoke at a fundraiser last night (one of several, of course) and compared himself to Nelson Mandela and Ghandi. This guy is too much.

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OBAMA: Around the world, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela–what they did was hard. It takes time. It takes more than a single term. It takes more than a single president. It takes more than a single individual. What it takes is ordinary citizens who are committed to fighting and pushing and inching this country closer and closer to our highest ideals. I said in 2008, that I am not a perfect man and I will not be a perfect president. But I promise you, I promised you that I would always tell you what I believe. I would always tell you where I stood.

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Highest ideals? What are our highest ideals? Free contraception? $15 trillion in national debt that just keeps going up? Higher taxes? 9% unemployment? Venture socialism?

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Does this represent our “highest ideals?”

Via Fox Nation

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