Tough Times for Conservative Bloggers


Lefty bloggers have funding. Conservative bloggers have squat. The ad revenue on this site is down considerably over the past few months, even though traffic is steady. Go figure.

Zilla’s in the middle of a health crisis.

Da TechGuy is in the middle of a financial crisis.

The big conservative sites are doing well, I presume. On occasion they get their material from little sites like this one. For us this is a labor of love. But we still have bills to pay.

Mr. LC was hurt yesterday. He went to Vermont for the weekend with some friends to ski. He bit it on the last run of the day on Sunday. He’s in a lot of pain, but X-rays didn’t show any fractures, so we’re hoping for the best. They gave him a shot for pain and inflammation at the ER. He won’t have a shot when he wakes up, who knows how he’ll feel. This has been a pretty bad year for us so far. (Which is why I haven’t been hitting the tip jars of my friends. Sorry. The $40 copays for my broken wrist add up fast.)

I’m not asking for anything here. I just thought I’d point out that a lot of work goes into what we do, sometimes at great sacrifice to our financial well being.


In case you were wondering, this post was inspired by Stacy’s post at The Other McCain about Chris Cassone’s song and new book. I wanted to write something about that, but my mind is on other things, and when I got to DTG’s site and saw his plight I got sidetracked.


Even if you’re just as strapped as we are, you can still share our posts on facebook, twitter and through email. Every little bit helps. A prayer wouldn’t hurt either.