Three Year Old in Wheelchair Patted Down and Swabbed for Explosives by TSA – Video


Does this boy look dangerous?

A wheelchair bound three year old boy with a broken leg was subjected to an intensive pat-down by the TSA before flying out of O’Hare Airport on his way to Disney World with his family. He even had his hands and cast swabbed for explosives before he was allowed through the screening area. In the video, you can also see an older woman with a cane targeted for further screening. Watch:

The Daily Mail (of course it isn’t a major US publication, they would only report this if it occurred under a Republican administration) has much more, including information on the plan to fast-track frequent fliers for $100. My guess is that families won’t be offered that opportunity, as in this economy, what family can afford to fly frequently? So most of us will still be subjected to the blue gloves.

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