The Federal Government’s Food Stamp Marketing Campaign


The federal government is now using our tax dollars to market food stamps to senior citizens. I guess they don’t think we have enough Americans completely dependent on the government. Here’s the script of the latest ad that’s been airing on the radio.

WOMAN #1: Would you look at Margie; she looks amazing. (3.5)
WOMAN #2: Yes, she sure does. (1.5)
WOMAN #1: I wonder how she stays so fit. What’s her secret? (3.5)
WOMAN #2: Well, she told me that SNAP helps her eat right; and she stays active, too. (4.5)
WOMAN #1: SNAP? What’s SNAP? (1.5)
WOMAN #2: SNAP is the new name for the federal Food Stamp Program. (3)
WOMAN #1: Oh, I didn’t know they helped people our age. (3)
WOMAN #2: SNAP helps lots of people…. (3)
WOMAN #1: Wait, you use it too? (2)
WOMAN #2: Yes, I do. Now that I’m retired and have a fixed income, SNAP is a big help. It
helps me eat right when money’s tight. (7)
MALE ANNCR: Use the SNAP card to buy all sorts of foods, including fruits and vegetables. If
you or someone you know has low-income, call 1-800 221-5689 for a free information packet.
That’s 1-800 221-5689. 1-800-221-5689 (17)

MALE ANNCR: SNAP. Putting healthy food within reach. A message from the U.S. Department
of Agriculture. (6)

It’s even worse when you hear the ad. There’s the sound of children playing in the background and “Come here Grandma!” Cashin’ In on Fox News played the ad. Be sure to listen to the commentary to go along with it. This is insane, or as Wayne says “It’s government gone berserk!” Of course, the liberal on the panel said this spurs the economy.

Here’s Stuart Varney on the issue from last week.