Released on Breitbart: Obama’s Love Song to Alinsky


Andrew Breitbart promised to do what the national media failed to do and vet President Barack Obama. Breitbart may not be here to enjoy it, but the unveiling of his work begins today. At the newly designed Big Government is a column written by Breitbart and a PDF of a 1998 poster billing the play The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, which was a tribute to the radical community organizer. Obama was a state senator at the time, and is listed as a guest speaker for a post-performance panel discussion. The play is about what you’d expect from a group of commies reveling in the memory of a mentor.

So, what’s in the play? It truly is a love song to Alinsky. In the first few minutes of the play, Alinsky plays Moses – yes, the Biblical Moses – talking to God. The play glorifies Alinsky stealing food from restaurants and organizing others to do the same, explaining, “I saw it as a practical use of social ecology: you had members of the intellectual community, the hope of the future, eating regularly for six months, staying alive till they could make their contributions to society.”

In an introspective moment, Alinsky rips America: “My country … ‘tis of whatthehell / And justice up a tree … How much can you sell / What’s in it for me.” He grins about manipulating the Christian community to back his programs. He talks in glowing terms about engaging in Chicago politics with former Mayor Kelly. He rips the McCarthy committee, mocking, “Everyone was there, when you think back – Cotton Mather, Hester Prynn, Anne Hutchinson, Tom Paine, Tom Jefferson … Brandeis, Holmes … Gene Debs and the socialists … Huey Long … Imperial Wizards of all stripes … Father Coughlin and his money machine … Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd … and a kicking chorus of sterilized reactionaries singing O Come, All Ye Faithful …”

And Alinsky talks about being the first occupier – shutting down the O’Hare Airport by occupying all the toilet stalls, using chewing gum to “tie up the city, stop all traffic, and the shopping, in the Loop, and let everyone at City Hall know attention must be paid, and maybe we should talk about it.” As Alinsky says, “Students of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your juicy fruit.”

Read the whole thing. Included is information regarding the other radicals participating in the discussion and the impression the young Obama made on them, as well as the socialist Midwest Academy that sponsored the event.

I’m sure this is just the beginning.

How many times have you asked yourself, or heard others ask, why are there no videos, photographs or other memorabilia from President Obama’s past? Why has so little about the man surfaced since he launched his national political career? It would appear that someone’s been very busy trying to cover his tracks, and it’s about time the American people find out what kind of character resides in the White House.