Guest Post – Pelosi and Fluke get Pinocchio Award for a Heart Wrenching Fable


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Pelosi and Fluke get Pinocchio Award for a Heart Wrenching Fable

The appearance of Sandra Fluke at a congressional hearing earlier in the week has become a media circus. While she appears to be recounting actual events what she witnessed at Georgetown, her major story of a friend suffering the debilitating effects of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) does not seem to bear up well under scrutiny, and therefore should be totally discarded.

At the height of her story, Fluke’s voice seemingly crackles with grief over the story of a cherished friend who lost her ovary due to Georgetown’s shameful misdeeds in denying her treatment, the red alert sounds off. Since we now know that Fluke was obviously a Pelosi plant, her entire story line begins to smell fishy. Fluke’s well designed testimony sounds more like the words of  a defense attorney during closing arguments of a trial than a peer relating events in law school.

After establishing that her friend had a hypothetical diagnosis –PCOS – she moves in for a jugular strike. In what seems to be feigned emotion, she begs for credibility, and proposes that her ailing friend was treated with cruel disdain by the Georgetown bureaucrats, resulting in her friend’s permanent loss of fertility. What an amazing story.

This seems to be politically motivated to sway the senate to, “Kill the Bill.”

Fluke alleges that her “friend has to take prescription birth control to stop cysts from growing on her ovaries. Her prescription is ‘technically covered’ by Georgetown’s medical plan,” but as her heavily biased story progresses, Georgetown takes a hit for refusing to pay for her contraception/birth control medications, because they unscrupulously suspect she wants to avoid pregnancy instead of benefit medically from the prescription.

This part of the story is intended to reveal the cold hearted nature of the Republican resistance to the mandatory contraception option within ObamaCare, and the senate’s continued need to defend against right-winged intolerance. See: “GOP: Dems ‘played games’ over Sandra Fluke”, The Washington Examiner.

“…As for Fluke, Issa said Republicans had never heard of the Democrats’ last-minute choice.  “I asked our staff what is her background, what has she done,” Issa said at the hearing.  “They did the usual that we do when we’re not provided the three days and the forms to go with it. They did a Google search. They looked and found that she was, in fact, and is a college student who appears to have become energized over this issue and participated in approximately a 45-minute press conference…I cannot and will not arbitrarily take a majority or minority witness if they do not have the appropriate credentials, both for a hearing at the full committee of the U.S. House of Representatives and if we cannot vet them in a timely fashion.” (Fluke is in fact a 30 year-old law student with an extensive history of activism in leftist causes.)”

Sounding like a seasoned DC lawyer, Fluke then glibly accuses Georgetown of gross negligence and tyrannical interference, leading to the tragic loss of an ovary. Taking a small side trip, she takes a swipe at the Blunt Amendment, as well as Senator Rubio’s bill and Representative Fortenberry’s bill as well. She insinuates that each of these bills is crafted to discriminate against a woman’s sexual choice and completely ignores a woman’s medical need for reproductive health issues.

Implied message: The senate must stop the insanity.

This purely anecdotal side track takes almost four minutes to build the case for urgency in the contraception mandate in ObamaCare. It is a call to action. She appeals for congressional action to prevent blatant “civil rights” violations like this from being further perpetrated upon the innocents. This sounds like a deliberate attempt to expand the definition of civil rights provisions of the federal law.

Back on track, she dramatically recounts the countless refusals of administrators to provide her with essential medications, and guides us through the horrible descent into despair. Her friend gradually goes broke, and submits to the ultimate fate of corporate greed and lifelong sterility. How could anyone not despair at such rank disregard of a woman’s great medical need in such a dark hour?

Did this story come out of a progressive playbook? While PCOS may be regulated through the use of birth control pills, there are several other legitimate treatments that a physician may prescribe for treatment. If the story were true, her friend would likely win a negligence lawsuit.

This neatly packaged story seems more like a propaganda message and less like a truth finding mission.

See: Sandra Fluke: Georgetown Law Women Need $3000 for Birth Control? See the Real Cost Video, Maggie’s Notebook

The Pinocchio Award seems to be well deserved by Fluke and coconspirator Pelosi in this melodramatic story of corporate greed and female discrimination.

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Submitted by Joseph Hall, Daymar Institute, Health Care, Law, General Studies