Pamela Geller vs. Dr Drew over Trayvon Martin Media Event


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Pamela Geller vs. Dr Drew over Trayvon Martin Media Event

On Thursday, conservative blogger Pamela Geller appeared on CNN’s HLN with Dr. Drew and two other panelists to discuss the death of seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin. While the unfortunate shooting occurred in late February, the event has now become a media circus.

Is this a deliberate attempt by the liberal media to disrupt the political process by creating a CRT style, racial division, thereby hijacking public opinion? Most of the coverage focuses on a presupposition that a bigoted white male police force, openly tolerated the massacre of an innocent black teen in a hoodie. If the media hysteria is to be believed, this situation was equivalent to a modern lynching by an angry white man and condoned by a racist white chief of police.

Geller exposes at least some of the hypocrisy of the media by pointing out that the alleged shooter, George Zimmerman, is in fact of African-American and Hispanic descent, a most inconvenient fact that has been overlooked by the media.


“Trayvon Martin’s death Feb. 26 at the hands of a Neighborhood Watch leader in this small, gated Florida community has rippled through many corners of the nation’s justice and political system and raised questions about the relationship between the black community and police in small towns.

In the past 48 hours, the case has: Sparked an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and the Florida state office;

Brought calls for changes in a Florida self-defense law that says a person being attacked has no duty to retreat and may return force;

Trayvon Martin was talking on his cellphone when he was shot and killed in February.

Ignited protests, including a “Million Hoodie March” in New York City planned today, a protest Wednesday outside the Florida Division of Licensing, urging state officials to withdraw George Zimmerman’s concealed weapons permit and a rally Thursday in Sanford led by civil rights activist Al Sharpton;

Amassed more than 600,000 signatures in an online petition calling for charges to be filed against George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch captain who said he shot Martin.

Prompted NAACP national President Benjamin Todd Jealous and local NAACP officials to host an open forum Wednesday in Sanford for residents to share their stories of abuse and discrimination by the Sanford Police Department. Jealous said Tuesday night that the information provided would be turned over to the Department of Justice, which is investigating the Martin shooting.

Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged with a crime.”

On the surface, of this media hyped story, this is yet another “hyped example” of white racism in a white controlled country, aka, critical race theory –CRT. However, as Geller points out, Zimmerman and the “racist” white chief-of-police are assumed innocent until proven guilty.

See: “Sanford police chief temporarily steps down amid outrage over shooting death of teen,” (Fox News, Associated Press)

Instead, this appears to be a case of reverse discrimination or intentional race-baiting promoted by the liberal press on the enemies of CRT, i.e. the whites of society. Far from being a case of white racism, a Florida grand jury is being convened to consider evidence in this case. The situation is being investigated and the evidence presented to a grand jury. Again, this is not acceptable to the left-wing media. They demand that Holder administer his CRT justice on the white perpetrators.

The apparent crime, on the part of the liberal media, is persisting in inciting civil unrest. This is not free speech, this is sedition and mayhem.

Consider the hypothesis that after Zimmerman and Martin spoke, Zimmerman returned to his vehicle and as he open the door, he was viciously attacked from behind as retaliation for the confrontation! While there is a rush to judgment to decry Zimmerman as a cold-blooded murderer who killed his victim much the way an exterminator kills rats, there have been no calls for restraint or willingness for the entire truth to come out.

If Zimmerman bore the wounds of a man attacked from behind in a vicious manner, this would give the police officers cause to interview and release Zimmerman while a initiating a prolonged investigation. Some people familiar with this case have offered this explanation of the incident, but the media appears to have created sufficient animosity in this case, the truth will likely be rejected and the outbreak of violent riots nationwide may occur this summer once a verdict is reached!

Watch Fox News video: “Pressure to arrest shooter of unarmed teen

The president’s recent promulgation of the NDRP may have been just what AG Eric Holder needs to shift the attention away from his own troubles.  See: “Jay Sekulow: Obama NDRP Changes Definition of National Defense – Goes Farther Much Broader Powers Than Any Other Similar” (Maggie’s Notebook)

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