Obama’s DOJ Fights for Imaginary Victims


When you think of Attorney General Eric Holder, you probably think of Operation Fast and Furious, or the Department of Justice letting the New Black Panthers off the hook in the voter intimidation case. But that’s not all the DOJ has been up to under the watch of Holder and President Obama.

They’ve been wasting taxpayer dollars bringing frivolous lawsuits against institutions that help developmentally disabled Americans, like the Conway Human Development Center. Despite the fact that no patients complained about the facility, the DOJ was there to waste taxpayer money fighting for imaginary victims.

In early 2009, the Special Litigation Section of the Civil Rights Division filed a complaint against Conway. Its claim: that Conway had “egregiously and flagrantly” engaged in “patterns and practices . . . that violate the constitutional rights of its residents.” Alleging a “substantial departure from accepted professional standards,” the government claimed that Conway had failed to protect residents’ personal safety “by failing to provide the level of habilitation and training necessary to protect the residents’ liberty interests” and that it had substantially departed from “generally accepted standards of care,” refused to provide residents the “most integrated, least restrictive” environment, and “violated the rights of children” by failing to provide them “free appropriate public education.” By “integrated” and “least restrictive,” DOJ meant allowing interaction “with nondisabled persons to the fullest extent possible.”

This, despite the lack of a single concrete or general complaint on the part of any resident of the center or any resident’s family members or guardian!

In a painstakingly detailed 85-page opinion, U.S. District Judge J. Leon Holmes concluded that the Civil Rights Division’s claims were almost all baseless. The Conway Center’s practices and procedures, he found, were not only “permitted” but well “within the bounds of generally accepted practice.”

Judge Holmes assailed both the caliber of the government’s witnesses — calling them “unpersuasive . . . [and] not qualified” — and the Justice Department’s rationale for pursuing the complaint in the first place. “Most lawsuits are brought by persons who believe that their rights have been violated,” he wrote. “Not this one.”

There’s so much more to the story, you have to read the whole thing. Obama’s DOJ is putting the Clinton DOJ to shame, and that’s saying something.