Note to Justice Sotomayor: Uninsured are not Turned Away from ERs


For a Supreme Court Justice, Sonya Sotomayor is shockingly uninformed about health care in the United States. Jason Lee picked up on a pretty stupid question she asked during ObamaCare oral arguments.

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The liberal Supreme Court justices have demonstrated profound and shocking ignorance of the American health care system.  Here’s one of the most jarring examples:

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“What percentage of the American people who took their son or daughter to an emergency room and that child was turned away because the parent didn’t have insurance,” asked Sotomayor, “… do you think there’s a large percentage of the American population that would stand for the death of that child — (who) had an allergic reaction and a simple shot would have saved the child?”

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I have a precise answer for Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

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The percentage of American people who took their son or daughter to an emergency room and were turned away because the parent didn’t have insurance is exactly zero.

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No person, whether American or not, is ever turned away from an emergency room for lack of health insurance. Ever.

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This simply does not happen.

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Here’s why: …

Read the whole thing. Imagine if President Obama is elected to a second term and has the chance to appoint more like her to the SCOTUS. The thought sends a chill up my spine.