North Dakota Governor Skewers Obama’s Energy Policy in GOP Weekly Address


North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple delivered the Republican weekly address, in response to President Obama’s green energy-touting address delivered from a swing state. I think he was at a Mercedes plant. Who can afford a Mercedes in this economy, besides the cronies on the receiving end of taxpayer handouts? It’s like he’s rubbing salt in the wounds of the millions of Americans suffering due to his economic policies.

Dalrymple highlighted how the economy is booming in his state thanks to sound energy and economic policies, in contrast to the policies of the president. The message: The Obama administration is “killing energy development.” Damn skippy, he’s got that right!

The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore just today was praising the wonderful things happening in North Dakota. Unemployment there is a mere 3.3% and employees at McDonald’s are making $18 per hour thanks to the booming economy.

If you can stomach it, watch Obama’s video and read the transcript at Fox Nation. It’s just more of the same BS we’ve become accustomed to. When you’re finished, be sure to read The Shameless Obama Campaign. It’s a perfect summary of this failed presidency.

Update: Sentry Journal linked – thanks!