Michelle Obama Hobnobbed with 1% at $100,000 per Couple Dinner


Michelle Obama feels your pain. She really, really does. I’m sure she thinks about it all the time – while jetting off to faraway places like Spain, Hawaii and Aspen, or while hobnobbing with the 1% at $100,000 per couple DNC fundraisers. Yes, she’s just like the rest of us.

The top price was $100,000 per couple event at the Ballantyne hotel in Charlotte to benefit the Democratic National Convention, reports Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times. That included dinner, a performance by singer James Taylor, and a photo with the First Lady and something called “a couple greet.” If you gave $50,000, you got basically the same thing without the couple greet. For $12,500, a couple got into the dinner, but no photograph and no greeting.

Earlier in the evening at the same hotel, a person could attend a reception with the First Lady and Taylor. The cost was $2,500 for platinum seating which included cuff links or bracelets with the convention logo, $1,000 for gold seating, and $250 for the cheap seats. (Read More)

Via Fox Nation