Liberal Justices Move to ‘Protect’ ObamaCare


The Wall Street Journal reported that the liberal Supreme Court Justices spent this morning trying to “protect” ObamaCare.

The Supreme Court’s liberal justices went head to head with the court’s conservatives Wednesday in an effort to protect the Obama administration’s health law, suggesting in their questions that most of the measure should be kept even if the requirement to carry health insurance or pay a penalty is struck down.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor was first to interrupt the challengers’ lawyer, Paul Clement, who was arguing that the whole law should be invalidated. “Why shouldn’t we let Congress” decide what to do? Justice Sotomayor asked.

The question of what should happen to the rest of the law if the insurance mandate is struck down was the subject of 90 minutes of argument Wednesday morning. (Read More)

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind how the four liberals are going to vote? So much for impartiality.

Update: MRCTV reported that Sotomayor at least tried to sound somewhat impartial, and the LA Times is inclined to believe that the Court could strike down the entire law if the mandate is found to be unconstitutional.